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Frequently Asked Questions about our Mirrors

You will need a qualified electrician to connect the LED mirror. We recommend that you connect the LED mirror directly onto your main power for the house. The LED Mirror has its own switch to put the LED’s on or off. Alternatively your electrician can connect the LED to the same switch as your bathroom light. The only downfall of connecting your LED to your bathroom light switch is that you will only be able to use your LED mirror when your bathroom light is on.

Yes we do have spare parts for the LED Mirrors, (Note that LED’s have a lifespan of 10000 hours and very seldom need to be replaced). We keep spares of the LED strips, power supplies and touch switches for the LED mirrors. We also have spare Mirrors for the LED 1600 Mirror cabinet.

Should you have quantities of more than 50 mirror cabinets, we can custom make a mirror cabinet to your specification. We unfortunately do not custom make single units.

No. All of our LED mirrors are imported and cannot be custom made. The sizes on the website are the only sizes that we currently have.

The LED’s, power supply and touch switch is very simple to change should you ever have the need to. Below is a step by step instruction on how to change each component.
Make sure the power is switched off at the mains.

Unscrew the plates holding the LED strips

Disconnect the LED Strips

Connect the New LED Strips

Use the plates removed earlier to keep the LED’s in place

Switch main power on again.
Power Supply
Make Sure the power is switched off at the mains.

Unplug the old power supply, and disconnect at electrical point.

Glue the new power supply directly above the old power supply and connect new power supply.
Switch main power on again.
Make sure the power is switched off at the Mains.

Disconnect the two plugs (one going to power supply and one going to LED’s)

Open the Switch by unscrewing the two screws holing the switch to the cover.
Replace the switch with new switch

Reconnect the wires for power supply and LED’s

Switch main power on again.
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