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Frequently Asked Questions about our Cabinets

Our cabinets are manufactured from MDF (better known as Supawood). MDF stands for Medium Density Fibre. The board is very dense and ideal for the use in bathrooms. To get the desired colour of your cabinet we “laminate” the board with a PVC wrap, using Heat and Vacuum to glue the PVC to the board. Once the PVC wrap is glued to the board the cabinet is ‘Spash Proof’, ideal for bathroom conditions.
Please note that the cabinets are not water proof and water damage is not covered by our Guarantee.
The PVC wrap we use to laminate the boards has the following advantages:
– Very durable and hard wearing
– Difficult to scratch
– Colour does not fade over time
– Realistic woodgrain foils available
– Splash proof
– Easy to clean

We do not spraypaint cabinets, however we still have limited stock of some of our cabinets that we use to import that are still spray painted.

All of our cabinets are now manufactured in South Africa and will be PVC wrapped. We feel that PVC gives you a broader variaty of finishes (compared to spray painting) and much better quality than spraypainted cabinets.

DO NOT clean your cabinet with strong cleaning detergents. They contain Amonia which is a corrosive chemical that can attack the chrome plating on the handles, hinges, cabinet feet or cabinet runners. Amonia will also stain your resin basin and discolour your basin over time. Only clean your cabinet using a damp cloth soaked in a mild solution of dish-washing liquid, and then dry the cabinet.

Yes we can. Our cabinets are locally manufacture and we cater for custom made cabinets. All we need is a drawing of what you have in mind and we will advise and quote accordingly.

Your cabinet should be installed by a registered plumber. If not installed by a registred plumber you will lose your guarantee on the cabinet. All of our Wall Hung Cabinets come with brackets and/or fixation screws to attach the cabinets to the wall. Cabinets up to 1000mm in Length will receive one set of Brackets (one set holds 80KG). Cabinets bigger that 1000mm will receive 2 sets of brackets (2 sets will hold more than 160KG). Below please find the instructions for fixing the cabinet to the wall:

Please note that we can not be held responsible for the fixing of the cabinets to your wall. We have no control over the condition of your wall, or the material your walls are made of. We also have no control over the installation.

Please have a look at our Colour Swatches page for colour options.

Custom made cabinets take 10-15 working days to manufacture.

We have standard handles that we use on certain ranges. Please see the description of each cabinet for handle used on the cabinet in question. Should you wish we can exchange the cabinet handle for your own handles, leave the cabinet without handle holes (so that you can add your own handles), or use another range’s handles. Please note that here might be an extra charge for this and can take up to 10 working days.
Below are the handles that we use on our cabinets 

Stainless Steel Rod Handle

Pammy Handle

Tara/Shelly Handle

Tinna Handle

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